Food From Heaven

Raised in New Zealand’s iconic hill and high country. Just 17 committed founding farmers were carefully chosen to raise these animals on their remote South Island stations.

Our Ribs, Chargrilled Neck Fillet, Osso Bucco and Lamb Shoulder are all crafted with Te Mana Lamb. With farms as near by as Walter Peak Station in Queenstown, we know we are sourcing produce right from our backyard.



A Cut Above

The lambs roam freely throughout the land, which has been farmed for generations, grazing extensively on wild herbs and native grasses. This free-range lifestyle creates a lean, tender meat with a beautifully refined flavour.

We're plating up a beautiful chops dish with lamb from Cardrona. Our lamb rack is also sourced from Cardrona, and it's full of flavour.




Creating The Exceptional

Provenance lamb’s delicate flavour stands apart from traditionally ‘gamier’ New Zealand fare. A subtle sweetness complimented by ‘nutty’ (some say herbaceous) undertones. This distinctive taste is enhanced through sensational mouth feel. Silky smooth texture and fine marbling deliver wonderfully succulent, tender meat, with a clean finish on the palate.

We use Provenance Lamb for our Lamb Croquettes, our lamb rack and our rump dish.

Provenance lamb


Honest New Zealand Lamb

Leelands lambs are grown on pasture that’s treasured and cared for with sustainability in mind. Only using natural rock fertilisers and minimising drenching, soil and animal health is always at the forefront of their minds.

This lamb comes to the restaurant after being aged for five days - perfect for our ribs dish.

Bill french